woman with headphonesAt most, after an 8 bar intro, 8 bar verse, and pre-chorus comes the chorus or audience disappointment. The chorus is the solution to the problem in the first verse. The chorus is the high point of the song. The chorus is louder, higher, and slower than the verse. The chorus will have a higher range and slower pace. Put long vowel sounds in the chorus and hook for singer to hold notes out. The chorus includes 4 or 8 lines and 8, 12, or 16 bars. The first line of the chorus lyrics states the theme. The second line restates the theme. The third line provides focus. And, the last line uses the title. However, it’s okay for the chorus to repeat the last line 3 to 5 times. It’s okay to have small changes, but listeners look forward to the familiar lyrics. Chorus lines 1 and 2 may repeat a unique melody. The third line needs a change at the end. The fourth line needs to be a unique melodic hook. The chorus contains significant chord changes and either the title or a hook phrase. Use the I chord more in the chorus than in the verse.

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