girl with headphones at turntablesA dead spot is two bars that’s not an emotional peak and doesn’t build momentum. Eliminate dead spots where the song stalls, rhythm or melody stops, or there are too many repeats. Remove dead spots by restoring momentum. Add momentum and interest by shifting the beat emphasis and eliminating pauses. Build momentum with rhythm, chord progression, story, and additional texture. Dividing the beat in a rhythm adds interest and momentum. The most common rhythm is quadruple rhythm. Fill spaces with counterpoint. Have one moving element and one sustaining element. Build momentum with rising pitch and faster pace. Climbing and descending melodies add momentum. Repetition adds tension. Release tension with falling pitch and slower pace. Add ascending or descending melody with strings, horns, or bass in the pre-chorus and end of the bridge. Build texture gradually by adding 1 or 2 elements every section. Introduce new elements every 8 bars or disappoint audience and momentum fades.

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