composer shadowThe verse develops the plot, characters, situation, and sets the tone. Set the tone in the first 2 lines. The verse gives details and examples. The first verse defines the problem. The second verse explains why the chorus is the solution. Test every line on how well it relates to the chorus. All verses in a song have the same melody. Most verses include 4 or 8 lines and 8 or 16 bars. Make line length and number of stressed syllables the same between verses. Make line length different between verse and chorus. Most top hits contain few chord changes in the verses. Verses have the same melody and chord progression but different lyrics. The best pop songs have 2 repetitive lines, a climax, and a resolution. Verse lines 1 to 4 may repeat but play the third line up a pitch. The second half of the verse has a higher melodic range than the first half. Vary the end of the verse leading into the chorus by lifting or raising the pitch in the verse. Transition from a verse to the chorus with a filler phrase, an ascending line to a high held note for 1 or 2 beats, by starting the chorus early, or running the pre-chorus into the chorus.

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